Our Growing Team

Helping Hands Community Partners, Inc.

Formed in 2012, Helping Hands has successfully been renovating neighborhoods and educating people about different homeownership options.  We found a recurring problem for our clients – they needed better information about the purchase, refinance, and reverse mortgage loan process.  Helping Hands is excited to expand its mission statement to include the ability, when appropriate, to arrange mortgage financing and the response has been awesome.

Our culture of a GIVER’S MINDSET has been well received and is attracting experienced trustworthy industry professionals to join our team, where one is not just working but helping individual homeowners and the community.  Please keep Helping Hands in mind for any real estate agents and loan officers who have a GIVER’S MINDSET.  We’d love to talk with them to join The Team.

Bill Fegley, Managing Director

Bill co-founded Helping Hands in 2012 with the vision of attracting likeminded people who have impeccable character, a strong work ethic, and find joy in helping others achieve their homeownership goals while also helping the community.  Growing up a “Navy Brat” has given him a great appreciation of the importance of home and family. Bill has over a decade of local and national home financing and renovation experience.  He has extensive experience working with various government agencies in having them join Helping Hands Community Partners mission and vision. Bill can be reached at 888-681-2299 or by email at bfegley@hhcp.org

Cliff Morin, Managing Director
Cliff co-founded Helping Hands in 2012 and has over 25 years of experience running several Citigroup/Smith Barney offices in the New England Area. Cliff also worked with MetLife in their Division of Estate Planning for Special Needs Kids (DESK). He also assisted to develop and implement a strategic plan to expand Allstate insurance brokers’ financial planning business.  Cliff has been instrumental in charting a course of how to fulfill Helping Hands Community Partners’ mission.Cliff can be reached at 888-681-2299 or by email at cmorin@hhcp.org
Alain Valles, Managing Director
Alain joined the board of Helping Hands in 2017. Helping Hands sought his advice two years prior on how Helping Hands could better serve its clients with home financing needs. Alain is the president and founder of Direct Finance Corp., a New England based mortgage company that has helped over 5,000 homeowners and arranged over a billion dollars in financing. Alain suggested and volunteered to assist Helping Hands in obtaining the required approvals, when appropriate, arrange home financing. The goal is to deliver better education, personalized service, and loan programs best tailored to the borrower. Alain graduated summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts, obtained an MBA from The Wharton School, and a Master in Real Estate from M.I.T. He was the first person in New England to earn the Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP) designation as well as the Certified Senior Advisor (CSA) certification. Alain can be reached at 781-724-6221 or email at avalles@hhcp.org
Lara Amaral, Senior Loan Specialist
Lara is Helping Hands’ Senior Loan Specialist and is able to arrange all types of loans including purchase, refinance, conventional, FHA, VA, first-time buyer, construction, renovation, FHA 203(k), lower credit score, higher debt-to-income ratio, and jumbo mortgages to name just a few.  Lara also specializes in educating older homeowners, their families, and their trusted advisors about Reverse Mortgages.Lara’s passion is to educate everyone about the home financing process and help structure the optimum plan to achieve the client’s homeownership goals.  Lara has the unique positive aura of encouraging others to be mindful, fit, and whole, by considering not only the physical and emotional aspects of our lives, but also taking into account the critical importance of being financially balanced.  She worked for nearly a decade with Jenny Craig International as a corporate trainer and public speaker, furthered her education within the holistic field to better understand lifestyle choices, and brings nearly a decade of experience within the mortgage industry. Lara is happy to educate first-time buyers understand the home purchase maze, assist families on their next purchase, ensure our veterans take advantage of VA financing, and help borrowers who are not receiving that personal attention from the banks.  Lara also has a special affinity for older homeowners who desire to continue to live independently in their homes but are enduring or fearing financial stress.  She enjoys educating the underserved senior population of our country about various housing options including reverse mortgages.Lara can be reached directly at 50-813-9741 or by email at lamaral@hhcp.org
Harry Harootunian, Creative Director
Harry Harootunian is a college counselor and instructor at Bristol Community College in Fall River, MA, and a freelance web designer, videographer, and graphic artist. Originally from Pawtucket, RI, he has lived and worked in Boston, Portland, and Los Angeles. He is a graduate of Syracuse University, so there. He currently lives in Onset, MA, with his wife Holly, and many cats. He can be reached by email at hharootunian@hhcp.org