The Current Political Climate Regarding New England Real Estate

Helping Hands Community Partners was formed to help solve the housing crisis that exists currently in our area. There is a need to place low to moderate income and armed service veterans in affordable and suitable housing. It has been expressed to us that these depressed communities would welcome our efforts and expertise to sort out this need.

Our Managing Director staff has years of experience in charity organization, construction, real estate finance and training. This along with strong community and political backing that has already been promised will help ensure that New England communities get the services that they so desperately need.

What We Are and What We Do

Helping Hands Community Partners is a licensed 501(c)3 non-profit charity organization. Our real estate program is based on the need to reinvigorate the neighborhoods in our local communities. By purchasing, rehabilitating and selling properties to those in need we look to create positive example while helping create stronger communities. The process has three major elements.

  • Acquisition of property – We are constantly looking for appropriate properties that fit our constituents’ needs. We focus on bank and institutionally owned foreclosures. We have partnered with a national lender to pre-qualify our clients as well as created a database of “Dream Living” portfolios in order to match clients with properties. Upon finding an appropriate property we pay a fair market price based on the work required and current market conditions.


  • Rehabilitation – Most subject properties need some form of rehabilitation work done. We have work crews ready to perform all possible necessary repairs and any special needs requirements.</p>


  • Sale of property – All of our properties will be offered first to our constituents at a price of 10% below the appraised value after the repairs have been made. Our constituents are U.S. Veterans, low to moderate income citizens and the elderly.


The Helping Hands Community Partners Mission:

The mission of Helping Hands Community Partners is to accept relevant property as a charitable contribution and convert those properties for the benefit of other charities; to assist underserved populations including veterans, seniors, and other low to moderate income individuals in the placement, home ownership education, and referral to locating and purchasing homes; and to work with local redevelopment entities.